Ready to Rent

Ready to Rent (Housing Education)
• Number of clients in the program to date: 52
• Number of clients getting housing in 2018: 29
• Housing Rate: 56%


Based on 2018 Outcomes


Our new program, No Place Like Home, provides an application fee, deposit and one month of rent to a homeless client who finds employment after completing both our employment readiness and housing success programs.


Once our participants are employed, we work to help them find housing. Our housing readiness component uses the Ready to Rent Model, which works to help each participant overcome the barriers that have led to apartment complexes not wanting to rent to them including evictions, bad credit, lack of income. This program teaches:
• . How to become a responsible tenant
• . How to repair credit
• . How to build a realistic budget


At the conclusion of the classes, every participant is given a Ready to Rent certificate and critical leads from landlords who will accept the certificate. We are currently one of two service providers using this program in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the only provider in Tarrant County.


Graduates from the Ready to Rent class at Arlington Life Shelter