Starting in March, the LegUp Program will begin offering housing readiness classes to those who are homeless and at-risk of being homeless.  The program is called Ready to Rent and it helps attendees take responsibility for their past rental issues while developing a housing plan to prevent those issues from recurring again.   “We are so excited to add housing readiness to our program because it is so necessary.  The clients we serve often have issues getting approved for a new apartment because of things that occurred in the past and this class helps address those concerns and plan for the future,” said Dr. Alonzo Peterson, Executive Director of the LegUp Program.  Some of the other topics include:

  •  repairing credit
  • creating a budget
  • developing a housing search plan
  • understanding the application and rental process
  • housekeeping
  • communicating effectively with landlords

 All participants who take the class will also be given a certificate to take to potential landlords as part of their housing search.  The LegUp Program will also be recruiting landlords to accept these certificates and had informed the Tarrant County Apartment Association about the fact the agency is now offering the program.   This really will give clients of the LegUp their best chance for a bright future, because now the program will help them not only gain the skills to find a job, but also to find a new home.  The LegUp will do the first Ready to Rent class for Arlington Life Shelter the week of March 12  and for Union Gospel Mission the week of April 16.

For more information on this class or to refer someone for the program, please contact Tonya Jones, Employment and Housing Navigator. | 682-499-7800 ext. 41.  

If you are a landlord and would like to know more about how the program, please contact Dr. Alonzo Peterson, Executive Director | 682-49907800 ext. 35