A Second Chance for Francis

Friends, meet Francis Fuller. Francis is 51 years old and came to live at Presbyterian Night Shelter in December 2015 after her mother whom she was living with suffered a stroke. Her mom was hospitalized for four months, and inevitably lost the lease on the house they shared because alone, Francis was unable to pay the rent.

For the past twenty plus years, Francis has raised three children and supported her brothers, sisters, and children by assisting them with childcare and home support.

In February 2016, Francis learned to her surprise that she is expecting her fourth child in September. Without any support from the father, or means to support herself, Francis is eager to work as a housekeeper, custodian, dishwasher, or cook; in other words, she is excited to put her domestic skills and experience to good use.

At this time, Francis does not possess a drivers license, but she does have a state issued ID and social security card. Her drug screen and background are both clean, without felonies and a single misdemeanor drug charge from eleven years ago. In addition to helping Francis gain employment, the Leg Up is coordinating reading and writing private tutoring for her, so she can sharpen these critical skills, preparing her for GED course work and testing she is planning to begin this summer.

Francis is in need of a Leg Up. You can count on her to perform her job duties and responsibilities with enthusiasm and focus. She will be loyal and consistent in her efforts, and will win the hearts of the people she works for with her sweet and kind demeanor.

If you have an opportunity or an idea for how to give Francis the Leg Up she needs, please call Lauren at (682)499-7800 or send an email to Lauren.Doeren@LegUpFW.org

Happiness is unconditional helping! Together we can do more 🙂

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Reading & Writing Tutors Needed!

Three of the current Leg Up clients have made it to 50 something years old without learning to read or write beyond a 1st grade level. The Leg Up Program is looking for volunteers to receive a brief training and coaching materials from the Tarrant Literacy Coalition. In addition to completing TLC Training, volunteers for this role are able and excited to tutor these clients on a weekly basis at the Leg Up office, in order to help them acquire these essential skills for being a self-sustaining member of society.

Please send inquiries to Lauren.Doeren@legupfw.org or call (682) 499-7800.

Happiness is doing more together and helping in a meaningful way!

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Hocus Pocus Focus!!

At the Leg Up Visioning Workshop we coach clients through the process of creating a vision for their future selves. We ask them to go beyond the house and the job that are a given, and take a deep dive into the details or color of the tapestry they are weaving that is their life. What does life look like for future you? Do you come home to a cat? Do you have plush bath towels? Do you have friends over to watch sports? What will make you feel happy and excited? This vision for Future Self serves as a focal point and aid in the creation of the map or the plan, because you get what you think about whether its wanted or unwanted. We emphasize to our folks that while it’s easy to get wrapped up in the difficulties of living in a homeless shelter, they can dive deep into the vision for their future selves, focusing at any time and feel less stress and more empowered. It’s like magic! Hocus pocus focus 🙂 #legupfw #doingmoretogether

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What is a fair wage?

Can we as a community expect individuals to work their way out of poverty and off assistance programs when the opportunities available offer less per hour than what it takes to be independent? If opportunity is the key, how can we work together to provide opportunities for those who need it most?

The Leg Up Program works to help build bridges or access to opportunities for individuals who are homeless or at-risk to become homeless. Support for the Leg Up Program ensures we continue to provide holistic help for these folks. Join our network of supporters, become a champion for the cause because together we can do more!

#happinessishelping #legupfw #eliminatepoverty

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Volunteer Mentors Needed!!!

The Leg Up Program is dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness through advocacy, support
and friendship. We assist individuals by combining employment and education with professional and personal development by weaving a web of support and coaching. The result of these activities is greater confidence and a vision for their future that develops into an on-ramp to self-sufficiency and long-term success. A mentor for the Leg Up Program’s clients is a caring, responsible adult who will enable and support positive growth and personal success for the mentee by practicing soft skills and forward thinking through consistent, frequent touch-base communication.

Our sponsors are critical to the work we do at Leg Up.  Sign up to be a volunteer mentor here!

Sponsors will be expected to:

  • Commit to being a volunteer for a full twelve month period
  • Attend a brief initial orientation
  • Attend initial in-person meeting with client and Leg Up staff, and subsequently contact client at
    least once per month for twelve months, preferably making face-to-face contact. Conversations
    should include checking-in about progress, goal setting, employment, mental and physical well-being, housing efforts, and etc.
  • Submit a brief report to the Leg Up Volunteer Coordinator concerning each client interaction
  • Submit a monthly volunteer hours log

During sponsor-client Interactions, sponsors will be expected to:


  • Be a resource to our client for proper life-skills and development, such as:
    • Using professional language and mannerisms
    • Demonstrating kindness and courteousness
    • Demonstrating patience, reflective listening, and active communication
  • Maintain appropriate professionalism and boundaries when meeting with or talking to our clients:
    meeting only in public places and respecting the level of information the client is willing to share
  • Contact the volunteer coordinator if there is ever any question or incident concerning boundaries
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality: not sharing identifying information about our clients with
    people outside the Leg Up program
  • Provide support in a way that is nonjudgmental and nondiscriminatory in regards to gender, race,
    religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, education level, and etc.
  • Not actively proselytize or otherwise try to recruit, convince, or manipulate clients in any
    particular way

Want more info? Send a message to questions@legupfw.org or give us a ring at 682.499.7800

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