No Place Like Home

Our new program, No Place Like Home, provides an application fee, deposit and one month of rent to a homeless client who finds employment after completing both our employment readiness and housing success programs.


• Clients completing program to date: 46
• Number of clients employed to date: 21
• Number of clients housed to date: 10
• Employment Rate: 46%


In 2017, the Leg Up Program served 97 participants. The goal we set for ourselves in 2018 was to serve 250 clients and we were able to exceed that goal with 287 participants being served. In 2018, we served 287 clients this year; this is a 197% increase! The Department of Housing Urban Development says it costs taxpayers $43,000 a person for someone to be homeless on the street because of all the costly services (food, shelter, emergency healthcare etc.) that are provided. So far this year the Leg Up Program saved the community’s tax payers four million dollars due to our expanded focus on supportive employment and housing services. Because the shelters in Fort Worth are bursting at the seams and many of our homeless are sleeping under the overpasses, our goal is to find employment and housing for those in the shelters who are able to work so they can move into their own apartments and thus create shelter space for those who are being forced to live outside.

100% of the participants that have been placed in housing since the program started are still housed!!!!